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That’s right! It was time to take the next step. Here’s hoping you follow us on our new journey at Cleaner layout and new ideas but still the same voice imploring you to forever keep the search for good rock n roll alive. Come check out the site, sign up to get on our cool kid list (email)  and most importantly, let us know what you think of the new site. Thanks for being with brickbackground thus far. Let’s keep the party lit!

And for those of you that don’t want to keep it lit, heed my warning….

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R.I.P. Gwar’s Oderus Urungus


Big shock to the metal world this morning with the announcement that Dave Brockie(Oderus Urungus), frontman for legendary thrash monsters Gwar has passed away at the age of 50. He was found in his home Sunday night. Police do not expect foul play.

Gwar has seemingly been around forever and for me personally was one of those band that while you may not like every album you always had to contemplate catching them live every time they came through your town. They made their name on wildly theatrical shows, employing grotesque costumes and gigantic stage props ranging from larger than life paper mache depictions of celebrities(usually about to be maimed in some way and filled with enough fake blood to fill a small swimming pool) to monstrous inflatable penises that would shoot goo all over the crowd. Venues would cover every surface in the venue with plastic in attempts to minimize the mess and wearing clothes you actually gave a shit about would be a mistake made only once. Gwar was a must see live band, and while I’m happy knowing I have more than a couple Gwar shows under my belt, it’s a little disheartening to know the option to attend another bloodbath will no longer be there for us minions who bowed at the feet of Antarctica’s greatest export.

Pest In Peace Mr. Urungus. You were truly one of a kind….


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New Tunes: Marvin Berry And the New Sound

marvin berry

All McFly jokes aside, Marvin Berry and the New Sound have some legitimate buzz around them right now and with due reason. Their debut full length comes out Feb 25th on Don Giovanni, their record release show is Feb 21st at Union Pool in Brooklyn with Liqour Store(more on those glorious bastards in the coming weeks) and to top it all off they’re actually really good, justifying the aforementioned hype that lately has seemingly been bestowed on pretty much any snot nosed kid that owns a guitar in Williamsburg. But here, high energy 60’s tinged garage rock mixed with a healthy dose of 70s Bomp Records worship and the recipe for good times is nearly perfected. Hoping for more tour dates soon but for now here’s three songs from the upcoming full length “Bootleg”. Power Rock!

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Song of The Day: Death – North St.

Death Detroit

The nearly forgotten-forever band from Detroit that forced people to question the true origins of punk rock have unearthed some more material for another “new” album coming out in April, presumably found in a dusty closet and and apparently sat on since 1980. I had initial doubts when I first played it, assuming it would be more scratchy demos and outtakes not unlike their second release ‘Spiritual, Mental, Physical’ but instead I got an grim history lesson in late 70’s Detroit hood life enveloped by a primitive, guitar driven rock and roll. Another underground masterpiece to be released by Drag City? Fingers are crossed on this end….

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New Tunes: Travesura


Brick Background is always down to back music made by skaters so here’s a new track from Toy Machine and Emerica pro Leo Romero’s new band Travesura. Mostly instrumental stuff in the vein of Southwest Americana with an extra little added touch of epicness that one could easily see soundtracking someone’s last part in whatever next video gets dropped to blow our minds. Because let’s face it, skateboarding is out of fucking hand these days.

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Record Release Hype! Jesus Sons!

jesus sons

The first Record of the Year candidate sees it release today and if you like music meant to fuel never ending road trips broken up by bouts of whiskey soaked ass shaking then you’ve come to the right place. Jesus Sons have crafted a record that already belongs in the annals of great rock n roll, a rather admirable achievement for a debut album. It supplies the possibilities of sound-tracking everything cool in life, from drinking alone in a dusty roadside bar at 2pm to shirtless motorbike joyrides through deserted city streets at 2am. With thick layers of riff after riff, howling harmonicas and pulsing bass lines there’s an almost filthy sex that oozes out of the speakers, like the leather jacket clad girl of your dreams biting her lip and sliding out of her jeans, staring you down and daring you to maintain eye contact. This album is proof that old fashioned rock n roll, GOOD rock n roll, can still represent what it set out to represent some fifty plus years ago: Danger, Sex, Sleaze and a serious lack of giving one single Fuck. If you’ve ever claimed rock and roll, you need this record.

Jesus Sons self titled debut comes out today on the quickly making a name for themselves Mock Records. You can listen to it below via Bandcamp while you decide which format to BUY IT in.


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Afternoon Hype! Burgerama III! Sleep!

Holy moly mountain! Burger Records announced the lineup for their now annual Burgerama festival and it could be the heaviest one yet. I use the word heavy because legendary doomsters Sleep are all up in Burger’s business this year! There have been now confirmed rumblings of a new Sleep record for  some time now and though there’s no release date yet one can only hope/wonder if folks at Burgerama will be getting first taste of some long awaited jams. Throw in heavy hitters like Black Lips, The Dwarves and FIDLAR, not to mention the back from the dead proto punk of Death, something for the hip hop heads in the form of Kool Keith as well as what seems to be the majority of Burger Records signees and it makes for a festival that actually might be worth travelling for. No offense Coachella/Bonnaroo. Full band listings and some classic Sleep below…



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Afternoon Hype! Those Darlins + Diarrhea Planet Dates

As mentioned earlier, a bunch of new tours have been getting announced in recent days and an intriguing one coming in Feb pits the sultry, if not a tad darker, Nashvillian rock and roll of Those Darlins on a co-headlining(?) bill with fellow home-towners Diarrhea Planet, the Pitchfork anointed “greatest live show on Earth”. The Boot And Saddle here in Philly have Those Darlins top billed so it should be interesting to see how the significantly more constrained, though no less talented, Darlins hit the stage after the straight from the garage, grimy three(four?!?) guitar spazz attack of Diarrhea Planet, assuming that is the case. Nevertheless, should be a good night all around with both bands supporting recently released records and at ten bucks you really can’t miss. The rest of the tour dates and some music are below…


Friday Feb 14th – Raleigh, N.C. @ Kings

Saturday Feb 15th – Washington, D.C. @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Sunday Feb 16th – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Tuesday Feb 18th – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot And Saddle

Wednesday Feb 19th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox

Thursday Feb 20th – Columbus, OH @ Rumba Box

Friday Feb 21st – Bloomington, Ind @ The Bishop

Saturday Feb 22nd – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway


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Afternoon Hype! Foo Fighters!(I know. Weird, right?)

Well, shit. If a good friend who shall remain nameless but lived on the floor above us here in Philly before becoming some hot shit world fixer at Columbia University in New York had just kept things simple by playing this song instead of passive-aggressively trying to convince me the Foo Fighters were actually a good band through the power of speech he would’ve succeeded at a much quicker rate. Columbia world fixer my ass…..

Also, this video rules. Any band that can get Lemmy as a limo driver is obviously doing something right.

Foo Fighters stuff right here

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New Tunes: Natural Child – Saturday Night Blues

Yeeeessssssss! The first single from the highly anticipated follow up to Natural Child’s Hard in Heaven(Brick Background’s number one album of 2012!) is here and I’ve already gotten up to find a beer to chase the first listen with. Saturday Night Blues is the track and Dancin’ With Wolves is the album, coming out on Burger Records Feb 25th. You can just tell you’re gonna be hootin and hollerin, arms around shoulders with someone you’ve never met before when you see the Nashvillians play this lil ditty live. And you will go see them live, if you know what’s good for you. The studio version is below, along with a video of the live version I posted of the same track a while back. Enjoy!


Natural Child knowledge here

Burger Records knowledge here

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