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Song Of The Day: When Doves Cry(Patti Smith)


Prince Style

How does one pay tribute to a lost legend that he admittedly knows little about? He digs past the obvious until he finds another legend’s tribute that hits all the right chords. Both of these two broke through all the boundaries of genre, gender and stereotype, rebelling against the status quo of what was expected from them in their respective eras and in doing so, they made some of the most exciting music of their generations. I can only imagine the art we would be blessed with now if a fraction of those who pass for artists today had the balls that these two have. Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson. And say hi to Ziggy for us….


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Song of the Day: Prince! Let’s Go Crazy! All Fuzz! No Synth!

I don’t even know what to make of this jam. Is Prince reworking all of his songs into crazy, red eyed, fuzzed out blues jams on his upcoming West Coast tour? Is Prince’s future now music’s storied past? Inquiring minds want to know….if you’re out on the left side of the continent and plan on hitting one of these shows up let me know, because this probably the best (heaviest) thing I’ve ever heard the former “symbol” do.



Consequence Of Sound has the lowdown on tour dates etc.

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