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New Tunes! Red Hot Chili Peppers!


Here’s the first track off the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, The Getaway. It doesn’t suck, which is what I expected. And more importantly, it doesn’t sound like another Stadium Arcadium rehash, which is more than the last few years of Chili Peppers music can claim. Kinda sounds like wandering around night. Fitting, I suppose. We’ll see how the rest of the album plays out, but this is a good start for a band that has amazed as much as it has depressed.

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Song Of The Day: When Doves Cry(Patti Smith)


Prince Style

How does one pay tribute to a lost legend that he admittedly knows little about? He digs past the obvious until he finds another legend’s tribute that hits all the right chords. Both of these two broke through all the boundaries of genre, gender and stereotype, rebelling against the status quo of what was expected from them in their respective eras and in doing so, they made some of the most exciting music of their generations. I can only imagine the art we would be blessed with now if a fraction of those who pass for artists today had the balls that these two have. Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson. And say hi to Ziggy for us….


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Morning Hype! Liquor Store and Dirty Fences!


After a slow few weeks(and a couple of disappointing gigs)here in Philly when it comes to the live music front I’m more than stoked to be getting ready to check out a killer triple bill at Kung Fu Necktie tonight. Things will kick off with Nancy, a Brooklyn punker band I really don’t know a whole a lot about but judging by their Bandcamp page they definitely seem fitting to be opening tonight’s festivities.

Second on the bill and easily the most anticipated of the three bands for me is more Brooklyn love by way of the architects of Brick Backgrounds 9th best album of 2013, Dirty Fences. Playing an amped up style of late 70’s, early 80’s power pop that would make a young Elvis Costello proud, I haven’t stopped listening to these guys since I first heard a track in some random skate video last summer. And speaking of skateboarding, the Dirty Fences dudes apparently have some DIY backyard concrete at their Brooklyn compound, further raising their stock around here. Wish I had a backyard.

Closers tonight are the mighty Liquor Store, probably voted most likely to save rock and roll if they could find a way not to get themselves kicked off the ballot. Saw them open for Natural Child last summer and they dropped jaws with their Nugent meets Dictators rock and roll hybrid so I’m definitely hyped on a full set from the New Jersey crew. When it comes right down to  it tonight’s probably gonna kill so if you’re in the area quit complaining about the weather and get to KFN. You know you want to….


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New Tunes: Marvin Berry And the New Sound

marvin berry

All McFly jokes aside, Marvin Berry and the New Sound have some legitimate buzz around them right now and with due reason. Their debut full length comes out Feb 25th on Don Giovanni, their record release show is Feb 21st at Union Pool in Brooklyn with Liqour Store(more on those glorious bastards in the coming weeks) and to top it all off they’re actually really good, justifying the aforementioned hype that lately has seemingly been bestowed on pretty much any snot nosed kid that owns a guitar in Williamsburg. But here, high energy 60’s tinged garage rock mixed with a healthy dose of 70s Bomp Records worship and the recipe for good times is nearly perfected. Hoping for more tour dates soon but for now here’s three songs from the upcoming full length “Bootleg”. Power Rock!

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Morning Hype! Grammy Vomit!


Do the assholes at The Grammy even listen to music anymore? Or are they just handed a list of Billboard best sellers and names based on focus groups? ” Here ya go boys, just pick whatever. And don’t worry about all the funny names…kids these days…ya know?”.

“Hmm….Queens of the…Stone Age? Are they chicks? Oh wait, Led Zeppelin! I’ve heard of them. Check.”

“Nine Inch Nails, Tame Impala…what’s a Tame Impala?….ohh Vampire Weekend! Their fathers are fellow alumni. Check.”

” Kendrick Lamar? Never heard of em. Kanye West…Jay Z…they’re kind of gangster right? Scary. Here we go, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. That sounds white. Check.”

“Let’s see here…Record of the Year….Bruno Mars…. Lorde….Daft Punk? Is that the guy that wears the funny helmet? That should make for good TV. Check.”

And in what was easily the biggest snub of the year, the Grammys/CBS managed to get some of the most influential rock musicians from each of the last four decades onto the stage together at the same time including Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, NIN’s Trent Reznor, Nirvana/Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and Kyuss/Queens Of the Stone Age head honcho Josh Homme, used the performance as one of the biggest focal points leading up to the event, only to cut it short for a Delta Airlines commercial and promo for one of CBS’s shitty cop shows. I understand advertising and I also understand allotted time slots but if you’re going use a specific performance to sell your self-stroking sham of an “awards” show at least show the fucking performance. Assholes.

And for further proof of their assholery, they have blocked all available video of said performance based on copyright infringement claims. So even if you wanted to watch it, you can’t. Basically what they’re saying is you can go fuck yourself. Artists need to start boycotting this shit.

jeff ross

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Afternoon Hype! Burgerama III! Sleep!

Holy moly mountain! Burger Records announced the lineup for their now annual Burgerama festival and it could be the heaviest one yet. I use the word heavy because legendary doomsters Sleep are all up in Burger’s business this year! There have been now confirmed rumblings of a new Sleep record for  some time now and though there’s no release date yet one can only hope/wonder if folks at Burgerama will be getting first taste of some long awaited jams. Throw in heavy hitters like Black Lips, The Dwarves and FIDLAR, not to mention the back from the dead proto punk of Death, something for the hip hop heads in the form of Kool Keith as well as what seems to be the majority of Burger Records signees and it makes for a festival that actually might be worth travelling for. No offense Coachella/Bonnaroo. Full band listings and some classic Sleep below…



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Afternoon Hype! Those Darlins + Diarrhea Planet Dates

As mentioned earlier, a bunch of new tours have been getting announced in recent days and an intriguing one coming in Feb pits the sultry, if not a tad darker, Nashvillian rock and roll of Those Darlins on a co-headlining(?) bill with fellow home-towners Diarrhea Planet, the Pitchfork anointed “greatest live show on Earth”. The Boot And Saddle here in Philly have Those Darlins top billed so it should be interesting to see how the significantly more constrained, though no less talented, Darlins hit the stage after the straight from the garage, grimy three(four?!?) guitar spazz attack of Diarrhea Planet, assuming that is the case. Nevertheless, should be a good night all around with both bands supporting recently released records and at ten bucks you really can’t miss. The rest of the tour dates and some music are below…


Friday Feb 14th – Raleigh, N.C. @ Kings

Saturday Feb 15th – Washington, D.C. @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Sunday Feb 16th – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Tuesday Feb 18th – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot And Saddle

Wednesday Feb 19th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Brillobox

Thursday Feb 20th – Columbus, OH @ Rumba Box

Friday Feb 21st – Bloomington, Ind @ The Bishop

Saturday Feb 22nd – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway


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Brick Background Top 20 Albums of 2013

So this is it. The twenty albums that were released in 2013 that I’m convinced are better than any other album that I’ve heard this calendar year. Numbers 20-11 are linked to the bands website/Facebook page where you can find tunes, tour dates etc. and I highly recommend giving them a click.  The Top Ten also have a video to go with the link. Let me know if you agree/disagree or tell me what you think I missed. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and I look forward to sharing more of The Good Music in 2014. Thanks for reading!

#20. The Go – Fiesta

#19. Hanni El Khatib – Head In The Dirt

#18. Neko Case – The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight…

#17. Wildlife –  On The Heart

#16. Carousel – Jeweler’s Daughter

#15. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Mind Control

#14. Palma Violets – 180

#13. Hot Lunch – Hot Lunch

#12. Blood Ceremony – The Blood Eldritch

#11. The Cave Singers – Naomi

And now the Top Ten……

#10. Monster Magnet – The Last Patrol

#9. Dirty Fences – Too High Too Kross

#8. The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow


#6. Fuzz – Fuzz

#5. Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin

#4. The Men – New Moon

#3. The Spyrals – Out Of Sight

#2. King Khan and the Shrines – Idle No More

#1. Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

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Future Hype! Early 2014’s Most Anticipated!

So before we get down to the business of waxing nostalgic on 2013 we though that we’d take a dip into the future and see what the first few months of 2014 will hold for us. These are certainly not the be all end all for what will be good in 2014 nor are they in any particular order. Just some good tunes that we can all look forward to….

1: Jesus Sons “Title TBA” Release Date early 2014. A new project from the former bassist of Brick Background favorite The Spyrals. Garage rock goodness. Out on Mock Records.


2:Black Lips “Underneath The Rainbow” Release Date Mar 2014. Atlanta shit disturbers back with a southern rock/country tinged record. Interesting concept. Out on Vice Records.


3: The Men “Tomorrow’s Hits” Release Date Mar 4th. Brooklyn punkers turned noise folk jammers release an album a year. 2014 will be no different. Out on Sacred Bones.


4: The Pack A.D. “Do Not Engage” Release Date Jan 28th. Vancouver’s criminally underrated duo return with legendary producer Jim Diamond back at the helm. Out on Mint Records.


5: The War On Drugs “Lost In The Dream” Release Date Mar 18th. Philly based rock and roll versed in the art of trippy Americana. Out on Secretly Canadian


6: Natural Child “Dancin’ With Wolves” Release Date Feb 25th. You can take the boys out of Nashville but you can’t take Nashville out of the boys. Hyped for this one. Out on Burger Records


7: Against Me! “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” Release Date Jan 21st.  Hopefully a return to form after the overproduced 2010 effort “White Crosses”. Self released on their Total Treble label


8: Johnny Cash “Out Among The Stars” Release Date Mar 25th. If for some sick and twisted reason you need an introduction, here it is:

Some other records that may pique the interest that I’m sure I’ll touch on through the year include new Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, heavy vibes from Philly’s Hound and pretty much any thing from the new wave of San Francisco’s psych garage scene. Bring it, 2014!

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Morning Hype! New Black Lips!

I’m a big fan of waking up to new music notifications in the ‘ol inbox. Especially when it’s a band that I favor the way I favor the Black Lips. The new record was announced earlier this year with a March release date along with a promise of “country tinged Southern rock” and judging by this first track they weren’t fucking around. Check it out below courtesy of Vice Records.

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