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Morning Hype! Cinco de Mayo!

Today marks the 154th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo. It was this day in 1862 that 2000 members of the overmatched Mexican army dominated powerhouse French forces that numbered around 6000 in what is known as the Battle of Puebla. It was a case of “won the battle, lost the war” for Mexico, as the country was eventually overtaken and ruled by the French into 1867 before being liberated with help from their friends to the north. But The Battle of Puebla served as a rallying battle cry for Mexico during the war, uniting the nation and building strength in their resistance, and it now stands as a point of national pride. Republican nominees should take note.

Hands down, the best Mexican band I’ve ever heard is Dug Dug’s. Their 1972 album Smog is, in my opinion, a heavy psych masterpiece and their contributions to Mexican rock and roll should be as celebrated as Santana. Won’t happen, but it should. Echa un vistazo a continuacion!



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New Tunes: Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

This is a great psych band I came across on Austin Psych Fest’s Facebook page who go by the name Lorelle Meets The Obsolete that I think are from Guadalajarda, Mexico. They have a new album coming Feb 17th called Chambers on Sonic Cathedral & Captcha Records. Pretty tripped out for the most part but they can definitely pick up the pace when they feel like it. Below is a track from the aforementioned Chambers LP as well as something from their 2013 7″  “What’s Holding You?” Good stuff so have a listen….



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