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Morning Hype! Brown Acid!

brown acid 2

Growing up, there were a lot of urban legends surrounding the mythical, mind expanding drug known as LSD. There was the one about the kids that hated the high school French teacher so much that they dosed her morning coffee with a couple hits. She apparently made it through two classes before having to “inexplicably” excuse herself for the rest of the day. By all accounts though, those two classes were the most pleasurable the students experienced throughout her entire career. Another story that made the rounds was the one about the dude that was smuggling acid across the Canada US border. Not the smartest brick in the bunch, he taped 300 hits directly to his stomach underneath his shirt. The story goes that he didn’t realize that it would be in his best interest to put something between the acid and his skin, so when he started sweating while crossing the border, as amateur drug smugglers are wont to do, he absorbed all 300 hits. This unfortunate turn of events set him up for a life of brain damage, or as the kids back in the day referred to it, “turned him into a fucking vegetable, dude.”

I imagine there are a fair number of urban myths surrounding the bands featured on RidingEasy’s Brown Acid compilations. For ┬áthe most part, these bands are relatively unknowns from the 70s, except to the most persistent of crate diggers and rock historians. These are the bands that maybe got to share a joint with Ozzy when they opened for Sabbath in their hometown, or had to jump out of the way of a flying television when partying in the local hotel room with Zep. Or maybe they didn’t. That’s the allure of the urban myth, you just never know. What I do know is that RidingEasy Records, with the help of Permanent Records in Los Angeles, is doing these bands a great service because they absolutely deserved to be heard, even if they did lie to their buddies way back when about sleeping with Grand Funk’s groupies. Both “Brown Acid: The First Trip” and the brand new “Brown Acid: The Second Trip” are more than worthy additions to your collections so here’s what you do: Get your buddies over, drop a hit, drop the needle and drop a story about how you played Paper/Rock/Scissors with Axl Rose to see who got to have the threesome with those two Latvian supermodels back in the day. What were their names again?


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New Tunes: Fat White Family – Wet, Hot Beef

fat white family

Everything I read about this London band Fat White Family seems to refer to how dirty they are how, how bad they smell or how shitty awesome they are. Don’t care. It’s raw, creepy psych rock and I fuckin’ like it. They released a full length called Champagne Holocaust earlier this year which I missed entirely until a week ago and more recently this three song collection entitled “Wet, Hot Beef” as a split with Taman Shud. It reminds of music we would’ve put on a mixtape back in the day before going to trip out in the woods somewhere, each of us making a tape based solely around trying to fuck everyone else’s night up. Not sure what liking this without needing massive amounts of whatever says about me today but as I eluded to earlier, don’t care. Like it. ┬áParts 1,2,and 3 are packaged into one easy, convenient to use video below.

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Morning Hype! New Monster Magnet!

Well, it appears the legendary New Jersey space rockers have learned a thing or two about regularity, having released an album every three years since their near perfect 1995 stoner opus ‘Dopes To Infinity’ and nothing is going to change this year with their upcoming Napalm Records release “Last Patrol”. The second taste of the album offers up more of what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Wyndorf and company, huge riffs coming through swirling effects led by an almost army -like rhythm of drums with Dave perhaps not so ironically screaming “Surrender to the Mindless Ones!” The record comes out Oct 15th and from what I’ve heard so far it makes me think surrender is the last thing on Monster Magnet’s twisted, drug fueled mind. Thank God for that.


Monster Magnet – Mindless Ones


Lose your mind with Monster Magnet here



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Friday Hype! Frenzied Queens!

It’s Friday and it’s sunny. I could go for a whole day of this:


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