Morning Hype! Jay Reatard!


2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Blood Visions, the legendary first solo album from the swarming mind of Memphis rock and roller Jay Reatard. A slight departure from his earlier output with bands like the The Reatards and Lost Sounds, Blood Visions had, by comparison, a level of studio workmanship not previously heard throughout Reatard’s library. Released on In The Red in 2006, the frenetic pace of the album was as exciting as it was dangerous, clocking in 15 tracks in just under 30 minutes. A peek inside the furious mind of Reatard, Blood Visions touches on such heartwarming affairs as stalking, nightmares and yes, useless children. Fat Possum just released a Record Store Day 10th anniversary reissue of the album and if you don’t already own a copy(?!?) you’d be doing yourself a serious disservice not picking it up this time around. One of my favorite records of the 2000’s. Rest In Peace, Jay.

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Stupid Shit Of The Day: CBGB’s The Movie

So this is happening. I can’t for the life of me explain why. Next thing you know punk bands will start suing themselves over who they think they really are. Oh, wait……….

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Live Show Hype! – The Shrine

Opening tonight’s ¬†highly anticipated Graveyard show are new SkateRock heroes The Shrine. They bring the grime of cleaning out pools to skate to their tunes and I’m psyched they’re on the bill. ¬†Their first album is called Primitive Blast, very suiting, and is on TeePee Records. Get some! Tonight’s gonna kill it!



Full tour dates here

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Let the arguments begin! I’ve got Zep 3 at No.1 but hey, whatever floats your boat. I just can’t imagine anyone arguing Coda as their worst, that’s for sure

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