Morning Hype! Hockey! The Best Kind Of Hype!


I have awoken in enemy territory. This is nothing new as I’ve gone through the motions of waking in enemy territory nearly every morning for close to four years but today it does feel new. I truly do feel like the enemy. And I know before I’m even out of bed that I will embrace my role to its fullest. My people will be proud.

My captors believe it is their time now. That our reign is over and the torch, literally and figuratively, is ready to be passed. But a nation that cares only once every four years, one that cares only about revenge, is not ready to bear such a bright flame, one that burns so deep in my people that it illuminates our entire nation. They are not ready, mentally or physically, to present “our game” with the pride it so rightly deserves. Not yet, and likely not ever.

So I will don my colors yet again. I will enter their world with my head held high. No headphones for my journey today. I will welcome all conversation. I will explain my place and with the good-natured kindness my nation is internationally renowned for make them understand our passion. I will be polite and I will smile. Unitl the puck drops. Then it is war. There will be casualties. Friendships will be challenged and families will be torn. But it is war. This is what happens. And my enemy is not ready. Not yet, and likely not ever.

At least not until they can write a song that rivals this:

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