Morning Hype! Grammy Vomit!


Do the assholes at The Grammy even listen to music anymore? Or are they just handed a list of Billboard best sellers and names based on focus groups? ” Here ya go boys, just pick whatever. And don’t worry about all the funny names…kids these days…ya know?”.

“Hmm….Queens of the…Stone Age? Are they chicks? Oh wait, Led Zeppelin! I’ve heard of them. Check.”

“Nine Inch Nails, Tame Impala…what’s a Tame Impala?….ohh Vampire Weekend! Their fathers are fellow alumni. Check.”

” Kendrick Lamar? Never heard of em. Kanye West…Jay Z…they’re kind of gangster right? Scary. Here we go, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. That sounds white. Check.”

“Let’s see here…Record of the Year….Bruno Mars…. Lorde….Daft Punk? Is that the guy that wears the funny helmet? That should make for good TV. Check.”

And in what was easily the biggest snub of the year, the Grammys/CBS managed to get some of the most influential rock musicians from each of the last four decades onto the stage together at the same time including Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham, NIN’s Trent Reznor, Nirvana/Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and Kyuss/Queens Of the Stone Age head honcho Josh Homme, used the performance as one of the biggest focal points leading up to the event, only to cut it short for a Delta Airlines commercial and promo for one of CBS’s shitty cop shows. I understand advertising and I also understand allotted time slots but if you’re going use a specific performance to sell your self-stroking sham of an “awards” show at least show the fucking performance. Assholes.

And for further proof of their assholery, they have blocked all available video of said performance based on copyright infringement claims. So even if you wanted to watch it, you can’t. Basically what they’re saying is you can go fuck yourself. Artists need to start boycotting this shit.

jeff ross

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