Brick Brothers: Black Mountain/Darker My Love

I’m going to start something new here at Brick Background. How long it lasts remains to be seen though it has plenty of potential and certainly a never-ending stock of supply. You see, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer and have taken to using Spotify when I don’t particularly feel like picking something specific out of the library. For those of you who don’t have Spotify, they have a fantastic sidebar called Related Artists that is actually pretty spot on when it comes to suggestions, as is their “Discover” app which is pretty much the same idea though it just makes suggestions on what you’ve recently been listening to as a whole, not just in relation to a certain artist. also has a similar sidebar that I have used to bounce around their massive log of music. The plan is to find a new artist, be it new to me or new to everybody, it doesn’t’ matter. I may have heard the band’s’ name before, like todays entry, but for whatever reason never gave a good listening to. Link the bands, write some clever little blurb and hopefully help you find some similar minded bands to match to personal favorites you’ve already collected. The bands may not sound exactly the same but there will a link of some sort, a degree of separation if you will. Does that work there? I don’t know, but it’s staying.

Now this isn’t the time to get into the pros and cons of music streaming websites. I understand they don’t pay very much(if at all)to the artists but I believe this should/can/will change in time. It’s easy to see why artists feel like they’re getting ripped off having their art out there basically for free, but they have the choice to put it there or not and more often than not it’s there. And hey, people could just download it for free illegally and then the artist wouldn’t get shit, which is the unfortunate yet blunt truth of it. With music streaming sites at least there are avenues provided to find new music and if that click in the related artist section gets somebody out to a show and they buy a t-shirt or poster as well as bring a friend, well, there’s a couple buck in the band’s pocket that they’re not getting from an illegal download. Again, I believe people forget how new the idea of music streaming is in the grand scheme of things and that there are definitely kinks,especially from the artists standpoint, that still need to be worked out. Things happen really fast in This The New Age but it shouldn’t be forgotten that blank cassette tapes and blank CDs were also said to be rushed into the market and where would your musical tastes be if you hadn’t come across that mix CD/tape that what’s her name slipped into your locker in Grade 11? Exactly.

Today is  a perfect example of the new leading forth to the old(er). My morning began with Black Mountain’s Year Zero, a compilation/soundtrack from 2012 that contains what were at the time five new songs as well as four tracks from previous albums. While browsing the related artists I was surprised to see Darker My Love, a band who admittedly I had written off for whatever reasons, most likely because their name sounds more adept to a bunch of twenty-something boys with eyeliner and their sisters jeans on than it does a bunch of LA psych rockers. I started at the beginning and played through the entire catalog consisting of three full lengths and some demos etc., with their most recent long player coming out in 2010. There’s little else to say about them as their FB page hasn’t been updated in over a year, they don’t seem to have their own website and typing in the word “new” before their name in Google brings up less than favorable reviews of 2010’s Alive As You Are, which leads me to believe they’re either holed up writing new music, broken up entirely or seriously in need of a new publicist. No matter though because today I’m going with a track off the aptly if not lazily named second album  2. The song is Add One To The Other, fitting both with Black Mountain’s heavy psych bliss that brought me to Darker My Love and what will be the ongoing theme of this new-found category. Hope you dig it.



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