Morning Hype! The Final Recordings Of Gene Ween!

These six songs were posted on Bandcamp on Friday night, apparently the last recordings Aaron Freeman will release under the his moniker Gene Ween. After a very public meltdown in Vancouver in January 2011, the status of Ween has been the subject of much debate until now, with Freeman releasing the following statement:

“After 20+ years of near-fatal drug & alcohol abuse (thankfully culminating with intensive but successful rehab), AARON FREEMAN (aka Gene Ween) was left in a dire financial situation. All proceeds will go directly to Aaron, as he continues down the path toward creative freedom and personal health. These demos represent the final writings and music of Gene Ween, before he departed and the inner FREEMAN emerged. On that note, we have received a two word personal statement from Aaron: stay tuned.”

No word if these songs will be released in hard copy format or not, though you have to think that if Freeman is in an actual dire financial situation releasing these songs on vinyl would add a couple bucks to the bank account. Perhaps a Record Store Day release? Either or, Gener still owes me twenty bucks from that fateful night in Vancouver. Apparently I had best not hold my breath. All songs streaming below. Click on the link if you want to pay six bucks(or more) for Gene Ween’s swan song.

Thanks Ween, its been a very Brown experience……….

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