Vintage Bricks: – The Masters Apprentices

Really been digging into The Master Apprentices catalog lately and finding some serious heavy psych/ hard rock gems from the late 60s early 70s in the process. People can (and will) attach the prog title to these Aussie riff masters and thats fine and all, but really, it just comes down to the pure rock and roll jamming. The band itself was pretty dysfunctional from right the start with a whole lot of personnel changes early on in Australia before heading to England and really becoming pupils(apprentices?)of the harder edged sounds emanating from Birmingham and the like. All these songs from this era of the band make it sound like it would’ve been a blast to be around when the boys were actually writing and jamming out on each track. I picture a lot of smoke and a lot of hair but I can also imagine a sense of knowing that what you were hearing was the future of rock and roll’s next grand odyssey;  a sludgy, oozing transformation into what we now know as heavy metal. These two tracks are from the 1971 cult favorite “Choice Cuts”.



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