Morning Hype! New Red Fang!

Pacific Northwest sludge masters have a new album coming out Oct 15th called “Whales and Leeches” and have just released the first track “Blood Like Cream” which you can stream below. This little taste sounds a little more cleaned up and showered than their previous outings, though its only one song and I haven’t heard the whole album yet so it’s tough make a call on production values. Spin suggests its a “gruff, flesh hungry challenge to Queens Of The Stone Age’s throne” which is really quite laughable in the sense that I highly doubt this song or any other on the new album will get nearly the commercial backing or airplay the desert rockers do, Nor do I believe for a second that Red Fang are setting out to best another band in any capacity. They just don’t come off to me as the competitive type. Maybe I’m wrong though. I mean, Spin is a huge corporate entity(though they’d like you believe otherwise) that hires the smartest, most talented music writers so they must be in the know when it comes to all things rock. Right? Anyways, look for the always ruling Red Fang to try and annihilate every beer on  the West Coast in October. Their live show is not to be missed. Tour dates here.



And let’s be honest here, Red Fang make the BEST videos. I can only imagine what they’ll do for a song titled “Blood Like Cream”

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