Song of the Day: I Want…….Anything Not Stupid

Between the wall to wall coverage of whatever the hell Miley was up to last night and the “Oh God, Why??’s” of Justin getting back together with NSync, it seems to me that we as a people are regressing in general intelligence and it’s quite the sad state of affairs I tell you. I do not know how to fix it and to be honest I doubt I would even if I could. Because that’s just a lot of work for not a lot of kickback. But Gord, you ask, wouldn’t it be great if everybody liked exactly what you liked and you never had to hear the mind numbing drivel we’re bombarded with on a daily basis anymore? And the answer to that is no. No it would not be better. Because then you would just get sick of the good music being played all the time and you would basically end up hating what you want to actually like as opposed to just hating the shit. Its easier and less work to hate the shit. Just like it’s easier and less work to make the shit that I’m already complaining about. So I guess go ahead and call me a hypocrite for wanting to cut corners when it comes to hating the shit that cuts corners because I give exactly zero fucks. I’m really just aimlessly ranting so it looks like I actually put some effort into this post. And now I’m done. Here are two songs about wanting things.

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