Morning Hype! Joe Strummer’s Birthday!

Yes! There is nothing wrong with having a reason to play The Clash all day. Joe Strummer got his start with the 101ers prior to co-founding The Clash and becoming the most important export out of the UK punk scene in the late 70’s. Sure, The Sex Pistols brought the sneer and the fashion, but some of them couldn’t pull their heads out of their asses long enough to bother even learning their instruments. The Clash, on the other hand, nailed down the standard three chords in punk rock before bringing in elements of reggae, rockabilly and country music and were one of those bands whom when you listened to one of their records it was akin to listening to a great mix tape. They released six albums in total before internal strife finished them for good. Their political stance and idealisms changed the perception of what music could be used for and their influences are still resonating in both popular and decidedly unpopular music around the world today. The legendary frontman would’ve turned 61 today.

Here’s a couple of tracks celebrating Joe Strummer and ” The Only Band That Matters”


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