Weekend Hype! Think Blue – Five L.A. Bands Killing It As Hard As The Dodgers

In glorious celebration of my beloved Dodgers rolling into Philly this weekend for a three game set, I thought I would throw some love to bands from the L.A. area who are also on a killing spree right now. This post is proof that not only is it a good time to be cheering Blue but also a good time to be going out after the game. Cuz you know you’re watching…..

1: King Tuff

Release an album, make a little noise. Release a second album, make a little more noise. Re-release first album, blow the fuck up. Not a business model I would necessarily recommend but it’s working for these guys. Also, Tuffy’s always wearing a Dodgers cap. That’s why they’re listed first.

2: OFF! 

Brainchild of Keith Morris has brought some semblance of validity back to hardcore. Unlike his former partner Greg Ginn, who’s suing anyone and everyone these days. Pretty soon Ginn’ll be asking for copyright payments from the kids who draw the flag logo on their binders at school. Keep it real, old man.

3: Obliterations

Stephen McBean lived in Vancouver and made ridiculously good psychedelic rock. Now he lives in L.A. and makes scary fast metal with dudes from Saviours, Night Horse and Bluebird. You know you’re onto something when you start a band with the intention of just playing house parties and that idea gets blown out in about two months. These guys are for real.


Skate surf stoner punks who are currently second on my best shows of the year list. And they were the opener that night. Headlining tour this fall, take your vitamins in advance.

5: Queens Of The Stone Age

If these guys need an introduction you’re in the wrong place. They just released some of the best(if not their best) work in years, scored their first number one record and had a mindblowing promotional campaign leading up to its release courtesy of UK artist Boneface. Way better than getting sodomized by a phone company, right Jay-Z? Technically they’re from the desert outside L.A. but I’ve never been much for technicalities. Queens are the epitome of “killing it” right now. Own this record.

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