Morning Hype! Juniper Rising

Gonna keep it kinda mellow on this Monday morning. The painkillers for my wretched back are definitely helping in that regard. Yeah, I’m whining. Whatever. Juniper Rising just released a cassette tape on Burger Records. I know, I don’t really get the tape resurgence thing either. No matter though, because a bunch of their songs are on Soundcloud too. The band consists of two of the girls from American Sun, a dude from K-Holes and one of the guitarists from The Men.  Old school country jams with a touch of garage psych make for easy listening in the best possible way. Kind of reminds of Mr. Airplane Man if they were from Nashville instead of the Northeast. There’s a couple tracks below along with the link to the rest of the songs. Now back to lying on the floor….


Click here for more Juniper Rising goodness

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2 thoughts on “Morning Hype! Juniper Rising

  1. I had no idea this band even existed. They’re great. Thank you!

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