New Tunes: QOTSA Uncovered

So this is an interesting concept that has admittedly been around for some time: Dig into another bands catalogue of music and completely re-imagine it. This is what Olivier Libaux has recently done with Queens Of The Stone Age. Using orchestral style acoustic arrangements and and a bevy of female singers Libaux has totally transformed desert rock into a ethereal experience, a Sunday morning rolling around with your loved one for hours without looking at the clock type affair. Add a beautifully shot video and you’re done. Now everyone can like Queens. Two of my favorites and the link to the rest below.

“It’s such a wonderful job. Olivier Libaux has added to the tracks that beautiful sort of dreaminess and just let that be exposed, and it’s really wonderful. I thank him for doing it.

– Josh Homme

The entire QOTSA Uncovered can be listened to right here. You should really click that link.

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One thought on “New Tunes: QOTSA Uncovered

  1. dannoknow

    So awesome. I think I’m just going to walk into the ocean now.

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