New Tunes: The Spyrals – Out of Sight

Man, I could’ve sworn I put a post up about San Francisco’s The Spyrals when I stumbled upon their self titled debut earlier this year. I was all excited and listened to it back to back to back and yelled at the wife when she came home about how good it was and got kinda pissy when I had to turn it down so I could actually hold a phone conversation with Mama Max. And then I definitely ranted to some friends whom I knew would be down, essentially forcing them to drop what they were doing to head straight to Bandcamp. I know this because they too reported back with rave reviews about the psychedelic gem from the spelling inept Bay Area rock and rollers. I even remember describing it as a “less ominous Black Angels”, which, considering how much I was listening to Indigo Meadow at the time, was meant solely as a fine wine compliment. I guess all that was in a text message though because that post is nowhere to be found. I’m also sure the band is just devastated that their debut didn’t receive the Brick Background bump. People have won Academy Awards because of bumps like these.

Well, their fortunes are about to change because I’m backing their recently released second album “Out of Sight” big time. I’m actually gonna try and win these guys an Oscar, Grammy and Tony Award. Not a Golden Globe though. Fuck those dudes. The Spyrals really seem to be coming into their own on this one, shades of Black Angels have dissipated almost entirely and for the better. There’s a lip curled up coolness about this record while properly stopping short of becoming full blown duck face. Their new found cool could be attributed to being discovered by the tastemakers at Brick Background but it usually takes more than a new blog writer fanning out to set a band up for award season greatness so we’ll just go with maturity as the reason for such strides being made between debut and sophomore excellence. Simple as that. Bands are supposed to get better as they move along and The Spyrals are moving towards three sequel contracts with major studio backing. The Godfather type shit. I mean, you can tap your foot, shake your hips and bite that curled lip during a listening to Out of Sight, and if that doesn’t make a multi award winner then I’ll vacate my seat at the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And that’ll fuck everybody. Even The Sugarman.

You can stream the album here while you’re deciding which format to BUY IT in.

The Spyrals website and Facebook  here.

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3 thoughts on “New Tunes: The Spyrals – Out of Sight

  1. BW

    Hey man love this review, but you should check your facts on who played bass on this record…

    • Hey Brandon,
      I went back and did check my facts and it would appear that my reading skills are diminishing at a rate faster than I care to admit. My sincerest apologies and I hope you understand that no offense was meant in my shoddy reporting skills. I will edit it shortly and hope this doesn’t stir up any negativity. On another note, great work on the record. One of my most listened to albums of 2013 and will definitely be in my top ten list at the end of the year. I was also wondering if you are making any new music at the moment I can check out? Always on the lookout for great new bands that I can misrepresent! Let me know, and again, full apologies.


      • BW

        Hey man, stoked you enjoy the record so much. No worries. Glad you understand. Check out my new band, Jesus Sons. Also coming out on MOCK records. Shoot me an email and I’ll get you some tunes.

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