New Tunes: The Pixies – Bagboy

Here’s the first  new Pixies song in almost ten years and it sounds like…well, it sounds like The Pixies. Which is a good thing if you like The Pixies I guess. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’ve never been a hater. They were always one of those that I supposed to like because all my friends liked them but minus the first half of Doolittle I really couldn’t give a shit. I also thought it was weird when such a huge deal was made about Kim Deal leaving the band earlier this month because they hadn’t really been doing anything besides playing old songs every once in a while. But what makes it even weirder now is that it sounds like her on this new song. I’m a little confused but I’ll get over in about two sec….yup, I’m over it.


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2 thoughts on “New Tunes: The Pixies – Bagboy

  1. Derek Hyde

    much power, but lyrically ech.

    • A little suspect all in all. That said, I don’t fear this new record the way I feared, say, Chinese Democracy.

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