Morning Hype! The Paybacks

When I decided to do Detroit week I knew the toughest post to put together would be the Paybacks post. These guys and gal just straight up fucking rip and I can’t just post three albums in their entirety can I? I mean, wait, can I?  Nope. Can’t. Just checked. Shitty for us…

Compiled of musicians who had all put their time in playing in other seminal midwest rock bands like The Hentchmen and The Muggs and fronted by the sexy ass female version of Lemmy, Ms. Wendy Case, The Paybacks came out swinging, stayed to swing some more and left swinging just as hard. All three albums are fully charged monsters and I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought or said out loud “If I was ever in a band THIS is what I’d want to sound like”

The Paybacks track “Black Girl” was the first song I ever downloaded and they were the first band my girlfriend at the time now wife road-tripped together to go see. They opened for Southern Culture on the Skids in Seattle so we introduced ourselves before their set and they became just as wide-eyed as we were when we told them we had travelled down from Canada to see them as an opening band. Needless to say, beers were bought, shots were downed and prolonged kisses were shared, though I’ll leave that part of the festivities up to your imagination. That night lives in wonderful infamy and I’ll know it’ll never be created again, but I would be pretty fuckin stoked if the band was to do an east coast run of reunion dates. The wife and I could use a road trip…

The following three songs are my favorite tracks from each album but don’t disservice yourself. If  you like stadium sized anthems with fist clenching riffs and chicks that could probably kick your ass if they weren’t so busy blowing your mind then track down these albums. Each one, start to finish, is pure rock and roll gold.

The Paybacks will be featured in a new doc called It Came From Detroit, who’s worldwide release could use a bit of your help. Check out their Kickstarter right here. Immediately.



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