Morning Hype! The Gories

Continuing with Detroit week here at BrickBackground, we’re gonna get down with some of the the rawest of the raw: The Gories. Started up in the late 80s, this crew of miscreants kicked so much ass they didn’t even need to know how to really play their instruments. Earliest recordings are said to to have gone down in a tin shack(qounset hut?) before their first long player was named “Houserockin'” and dropped in 1989. Their second full length, maybe the finest named record of all time, “I Know You Fine But How You Doing” came out in 1990. They broke up a couple times before signing  to Crypt records and releasing “Outta Here” and then broke up again because why the hell not? This is some of the most “no frills” music you’ll ever hear. Zero bass, lots of cover songs, fantastically rough production. I love it. All the members of the band have gone on to make some great music as well, probably the most notable being Mick Collins work with The Dirtbombs, but you can’t count out Dan Kroha in The Demolition Doll Rods and Rocket 455, and the wonderfully named ’68 Comeback based out of Memphis featuring Gories drummer Peggy O’Neill. I would think that most bands from the late 90s Detroit garage rock surge would claim The Gories as a major influence who were way, way, way ahead of their time. Thank God for the rest of us that once it get recorded to vinyl it can never be taken away….

The Gories will be featured in a new doc called It Came From Detroit, who’s worldwide release could use a bit of your help. Check out their Kickstarter right here. Immediately.


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