Morning Hype! It Came From Detroit

A great new documentary about the primo garage rock scene in Detroit in the late 90s/early 2000s is in its final stages of production/release and has a Kickstarter to help get it finished and released to the general public. Thanks to my early discovery of The White Stripes and their interviews trumpeting all the like minded bands from their hometown, including early influences like The Gories and Rocket 455 to contemporaries like The Von Bondies, Electric Six, The Paybacks and personal favs The Go, these are the bands that soundtracked my mid 20s and I honestly cannot wait to see real in depth insight to what it was like in the middle of a scene being hailed, for better or worse, as the next Seattle. The footage looks to touch on all that is Detroit rock and roll, with interviews from Godfathers like Wayne Kramer of MC5 to mainstays like Mick Collins, who fronts both The Gories and their primitive stripped down rock and roll and booty shaking rock and soul heros The Dirtbombs. Alongside what will be an undeniably fantastic soundtrack, there’ll be stories of drunken debauchery, masterful shows and that feeling of being in the middle of an unstoppable storm, something most of us could only be so lucky to be a part of at some point in our lives.

I’m going to dedicate all of this week’s Morning Hype’s to the garage rock of Detroit and will be including links to the trailer and their Kickstarter. Help out if you can and make rock and roll a better place for having this documentary released to the masses. Amen.

The Kickstarter link is right here. Click on this link!!



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