Soul Sundays – Joe Stubbs

So I was flipping through old Detroit Soul compilations when I came across a jam that just stopped me in my tracks. Part Time Love by Joe Stubbs sent me scrambling to find more and while information on the gentleman himself seems to be somewhat limited I came across a couple more Detroit gems bearing his fingerprints that should soundtrack your Sunday quite nicely.

Born in 1942 and a native of Detroit, Joe Stubbs is also the brother of Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops fame, and first began singing with The Falcons in 1957 before moving on to stints with The Contours and The Originals and finally teaming with another Detroit legend in Steve Mancha and starting the by all accounts criminally underrated 100 Proof Aged In Soul. He survived a vicious car accident in the late 1970s(or maybe 1980) that left him partially brain damaged and though he was still able to sing and perform after the accident he was never quite the same. He passed away of heart condition in 1998. I have three of his finest are posted below opening with the fantastic ‘Part Time Love’ coupled by two of his hits performed alongside other Motown heros. Happy Sunday and also an emphatic Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there teaching their kids the joys of Rock N Roll!




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