Morning Hype! Mike Patton Week

At the risk of sounding like bragging I will refrain fro…..oh, fuck it…I’M GOING TO SEE TOMAHAWK TONIGHT HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS!! No biggie. The venerable band formed by Mike Patton after the dissolution of Faith No More could easily have the “supergroup” tag applied, though I imagine they would shun the attachment of any such label. Also featuring Jesus Lizard/Hank Williams 3 guitarist Duane Denison, Helmet/Battles drummer John Stanier and Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis, Tomahawk has released four albums to date ranging from classic Patton madness like the Native American inspired concept album Anonymous to more “traditional”(by his standards, anyways) rock albums like the recently released and fantastic Oddfellows featuring new bassist Trevor Dunn, formerly of Mr. Bungle. Live show reviews have rained nothing but praise on the band with perhaps the only complaint being little to zero being played from the polarizing Anonymous album. Myself personally probably leans towards the “meh, it is what it is” half of Tomahawk fans when it comes to Anonymous, but Patton and crew are anything but predictable, so maybe they’ll just play it in it’s entirety tonight. Who knows? Not me, not yet anyways. But today’s a good day, that’s for sure.



Tickets for tonights Philly show at Union Transfer here

Other Tomahawk business here


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