New Tunes: Dirty Spells – (untitled)

I don’t really know shit about these guys. They’re from Vancouver and make wicked psyched out garage noise. I know they have two drummers, which almost always rules. I’m pretty sure there’s seven of them but the picture (press photo?) I saw of them only had six people in it. They just released a new album, apparently called (untitled), and also have an E.P. called Greetings From Hangover City. If they’re referring to Vancouver they win. I also know that I’m down for Dirty Spells and hope they make out East for shows at some point this summer. Or play a gig when whenever I actually make back to the homeland. Whatever works. Other than that, I don’t really know shit about these guys.

Check out their Bandcamp for full album pay what you want options or their Facebook to maybe learn more shit than I know about these guys





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2 thoughts on “New Tunes: Dirty Spells – (untitled)

  1. Ryan

    Actually we have 4 people now. We had 5, then 7, then 5, then 4, then 3, but now we have 4.

    Extra fun facts: both the EP (bed tracks) and the full length were recorded in our jam space.

    The EP was recorded as a 7-piece: 2 drummers, bass, violin, 2 guitars and saxophone. The press photo was taken when our second drummer broke his leg in half in a skiing accident and was confined to a hospital bed; we held a crude sharpie illustration of him in his stead.

    The full length was recorded as a 4-piece with one drummer, bass, violin and a guitarist, but the guitarist moved to Portland. (So, now our 4th member is a 2nd bass player… because why not? We’re also probably a kraut rock revival band now, but who really decides those things.)

    The full length instrumentation was engineered by me (the drummer) live off the floor in one messy afternoon – except for a guitar overdub on My Chemistry Friend. The vocals were recorded in my bathtub the following week, much to the chagrin of my neighbours. It gets pretty hot in there and we had to crack a window, so you can probably hear some traffic on a few of the tracks.

    Also: we are all friends with Adam Fink, which is how this post came to our attention. And yes, we are referring to Vancouver.

    The more you know! Also, thanks for the post.

  2. Haha! Thanks Ryan! Like I said, I don’t really know shit! crazy how fast band lineups can change. Think you guys are making great tunes though, hope to see it live soon.
    I went to high school with Adam in Whitehorse, and it was his FB post about you playing this weekend that got me tuned in. Let me know if any eastbound dates are scheduled and thanks for informing the masses!

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