Morning Hype! Moby(?) and Mark Lanegan

Yup. Moby. Did not think I would ever being doing a post involving Moby. Granted, its no secret that nearly everything Mark Lanegan touches turns to gold including, apparently, Moby. I will admit that this post is as much to do with the stunning cinematography as it is the song,  a beautifully shot video by Colin Rich, one that makes you want to lose yourself in the western desert and refuse to even try to find your way out. Sad that a video like this will get absolutely zero mainstream attention but fucking Beyonce doing her frighteningly epileptic dance move while trying to look like she wants to kick your ass(she doesn’t)will garner awards around the globe. Yuck. Little vent there, sorry about that.  Please enjoy the video now. Its magnificent.



The song itself can be found as an exclusive Record Store Day release, coming this Saturday. Support your independent record shop!!

More of Colin Rich’s amazing work can be found here

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8 thoughts on “Morning Hype! Moby(?) and Mark Lanegan

  1. Leonard Cohen much? Nice.

  2. Meh.. I prefer Unbalanced Pieces, of which this reminds me for some reason. And I like the duo partner a hell of a lot better there, too. (Patton is a GOD, although terribly underused in that song.) Still. You’re right, everything Lanegan touches *does* turn into gold, although he’s not nearly as famous as he should be… which confuses me. This track could use more punch… of all his duo partners (that I know of, but I know some stuff) this is unusually uninteresting if you take his entire career. Thanks for posting, though, or I wouldn’t know… my head hasn’t been in music lately.

    • i definitely agree that it is not his finest collab and have no problem putting that on Moby. I think he’s probably a little too strange to achieve any more mainstream appeal than he already has, which I’m fine with. As for Patton, your comparison to God is certainly not unfounded in these parts. I will be going to see Tomahawk at the beginning of June and am more than a little hyped as it will be my first live Patton experience in twenty plus years of following his career.

      • I don’t believe in god, but I believe in Mike Patton. I haven’t seen him live, either. He must be playing here, then. I’ll check. He was the first grown man that I was attracted to at the age of 10… Falling to Pieces! 😉 I adore Tomahawk. As for Lanegan, I do not think that he is weird. I think he’s a low key floater who doesn’t give a shit. If Nick Cave has a dedicated following and Tom Waits and Lee Hazelwood, etc and ad nauseum… why doesn’t he? He isn’t weird. Patton is weird and he gets way more love. Lanegan — no one even knows who he is and yet everyone has heard his music. It’s just wrong.

  3. PS — You’ve watched the Angel Dust interviews on YouTube, right? If it was long ago, you should watch them again… when I feel sad, that makes me feel better.

  4. I don’t think Lanegan is weird either. i think he borders on genius. Being a low key floater, as you put it, makes you weird in the eyes of mainstream media. He makes fantastic music and what i am assuming is a solid living as a musician and probably doesn’t care to have any more attention layed upon him. Certainly can’t fault the guy for that. i wouldn’t want to be recognized walking down the street either.

    I have not watched the Angel Dust videos but will queue them up immediately. I like things that make me feel better.Also posted Tomahawk tour dates for you, not sure where you live. Looks like just a small east cost US run this time around. Hope you get to see them…

    • Thanks! But he’s not hitting me. 😦 Enjoy the interviews. There’s like 2 hours of him talking, and it’s all awesome.

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