Friday Hype: The Go

Another beautiful Friday. Springtime rules. Today is The Go kinda day. Detroit garage rockers who have yet to get nearly enough credit for a near perfect catalog of psych garage jams. The first track is taken from the Jack White era of The Go, an album called Whatcha Doin that was released in 1999. The Go have four full lengths out (and a couple b-side/rarities records) in total including 2013’s Fiesta, released on the fantastic Burger Records. Five albums  if you count the unreleased Sub Pop album Free Electricity, which the label foolishly deemed unworthy of their name, I guess. Funny how most “psych” bands today are trying to release that exact album. (It’s since been leaked online and is thankfully no longer that hard to find.) The Go are criminally underrated in my humble opinion so I will do my best to give each era it’s proper due. They basically soundtracked my 20’s and have continued forward with me into my 30’s, and I couldn’t be happier with Fiesta. Wait, yes I could. Tour that shit boys!


From Whatcha Doin


From Free Electricity


From Self Titled


From Howl On The Beat You Ride


From Fiesta

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4 thoughts on “Friday Hype: The Go

  1. i wholeheartedly agree with all of this!

  2. virgil

    They currently soundtrack my 20′s and I certainly hope they’ll continue forward with me into my 30′s.
    Nice post Gordo, in the public interest.
    Readers, you should also check out Conspiracy of Owls’ self-titled release, fantastic album.

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