New Tunes: Wildlife – Born To Ruin

The first thirty or forty times I heard Wildlife I didn’t even know it. And I don’t mean not knowing a song in a commercial or what’s playing in the background of the local waterin’ hole. Nope, we’re talking entire album, start to finish. Myself (and a couple other friends, I might add) mistakenly thought we had been listening to the new album by another bigger, more popular Canadian indie rock band, and we thought said band’s second “new” album was just fantastic. The bee’s knees. This went on for some time, until the vinyl release of the bigger, more popular Canadian band found its way onto our turntables and the jaw dropping realization that downloads aren’t always what they seem slowly, okay, rapidly, began to creep into our minds. “Well then”, we asked ourselves, “who the hell have we be listening to for the last two plus months?” Well, it was Wildlife. And to this day I still like their debut, Strike Hard, Young Diamond, better than the bigger, more popular bands album  I thought I was getting to begin with.

As it goes, Wildlife have just recently released a second album, and yes, it really is them. It’s also a great listen. Better production brings a bigger, more voluminous sound, matured songwriting brings an uplifted, almost enchanted listen and advances in modern computer technology brings to me the right fucking album. Win win for everyone involved. These guys are a straight up pleasure to listen to, and I truly expect to see big things upcoming in Wildlife’s stock. So invest wisely…..(yeah, yeah, coming from the guy who blah, blah, blah, see above. Whatever).



Wildlife’s website right here

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