Morning Hype! The Grammys……

I sat through more of this years Grammys than I have any other year. I don’t know why. I just did. Here are some random observations…


– Taylor Swift knows the words to every song ever. The cameramen made sure we knew this. Also, her arms remind me of Olive Oyl from old Popeye cartoons.

– Katy Perry has big boobs. The cameramen made sure we also knew this.

– Country music continues to not evolve. At all.

– Johnny Depp has the complexion of an Oompa Loompa now.

– Can’t tell if people like Bruno Mars are still biting Justin Timberlake’s style or if JT has adapted to the times after being out of music for so long. He sounded pretty good with a 5000 piece band though. The Tennessee Kids they were called. Not bad.

– My wife found LL Cool J to be quite dashing.

-Mumford and Sons? Really, people?

– It’s too bad Rihanna’s common sense doesn’t match her musical sense. The world is just waiting to throw her under the bus….

-Once a piece of shit, always a piece of shit.

– A nice tribute to Levon Helm of The Band. Too bad people don’t realize he’s written more than one good song.

-Network television and its commercials are horrible. Absolutely horrible. They sell a world that not only no one lives in, but no one actually wants to live in either.

– Kelly Clarkson performed a great version of Carole King’s (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. Still not as good as The Smalls though….(see below)

Рfun. over Alabama Shakes for Best New Artist?  Presented ten minutes after fun. won another award and pointed to twelve years of touring as proof that anybody can make it if they stick with it? Easily the biggest embarrassment of the night. Slow head shakes, Grammys. Alabama slow.

The Black Keys played with Dr. John and cleaned up with their album El Camino. Which came out in 2011. Is rock music that hurting that two year old albums are still okay to be nominated? Jack White got ripped off.


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One thought on “Morning Hype! The Grammys……

  1. jrfmricher

    I also don’t understand the obsession with Mumford and Sons they might be the most overrated band out there….besides Fun maybe. Although i’m not a fan of the Alabama Shakes so that one didn’t sting as much. As far as Taylor Swift is concerned she struck me as someone that actually spent the last week studying the lyrics to all the songs that were going to be performed just so we know that she actually likes music

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