Morning Hype! Mr. Grohl’s Birthday!

If I knew where he was I’d buy him a beer today. Or ten. Dave Grohl’s been all up in our bidness since the early 90’s, and nearly everything he touches turns to commercial and/or critical gold. Start drumming with Nirvana, they blow up. Form a three guitar rock band in the middle of  boy band purgatory, back to back Wembley sellouts (crazy  footage below). Big fan of Zep, start a band with the bassist. Fav studio closing down, buy the console board and make a movie about it. Some guys just get it. My personal favorites from each of his main projects posted below. Happy Birthday!




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7 thoughts on “Morning Hype! Mr. Grohl’s Birthday!

  1. Thanks for the video posts! I’ve been reading This Is A Call all weekend and listening to albums that feature Dave Grohl.

    • Glad you enjoyed. I didn’t realize there was a book about Grohl until seeing your comment. Off to the bookstore I go I guess….

      • I happen to see it on the bookshelf in the background of a interview clip for the Salad Days documentary.

  2. Perfect time to listen to this CD, recording the day before his birthday! Even includes a rendition of Happy Birthday!

    • I can’t even imagine going to to one of those Rock In Rio shows. The footage is always just so, so epic.

      • No kidding…a few hundred thousand people getting their rocks off!

        I have a crowd phobia to start with so count me out! 😉

  3. So awesome.

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