Morning Hype! McCartney + ex-Nirvana Guys = This!

Well, that certainly became an extended break. Happy New Years to everyone! Looking forward to getting back to routine and and sharing with you all the new music I can. My Best of 2012 list will be up early next week and then it s time to start digging. Can’t wait, as 2013 promises to be chock full of anticipated releases along with the sleeper hits we didn’t see coming. For now, how about this: Dave Grohl made a movie about a legendary studio, and then got everyone that recorded in said studio to record more, including somehow managing to get his former bandmates from Nirvana into the studio with the legendary Sir Paul McCartney to record a new track. From what I’ve seen on the message  boards people seem to love or hate it. I think it’s pretty good, so here it is for you to decide. Leave a comment and let me know what you think…


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2 thoughts on “Morning Hype! McCartney + ex-Nirvana Guys = This!

  1. alan

    the last minute and a half sounds great and LOOKed even better on their snl performance of this track. now that grohl has established himself as a solid frontman, he looks that much better back behind the drumkit. imo, the buzz behind this track is therefore one big advertisement for that upcoming qotsa album you told me about. thanks for posting.

    • Grohl’s certainly not a idiot. “Big movie and new album coming out? Here’s me with a Beatle!”

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