Morning Hype!

For some reason Quest for Fire’s Lights from Paradise has become my Friday morning album. Odd because I don’t have any specific album for any other day of the week, and it most certainly isn’t a pump you up for a crazed weekend type album, but every Friday I sit down at my desk, put it on and plot the next couple days of life. I do wonder how long this will go on for though, perhaps until they finally get around to releasing some new stuff**cough-cough wink-wink!**.

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5 thoughts on “Morning Hype!

  1. 🚶

    I’ve been loooovin the music Gord thanks, I check it out every day.

    • Thanks Kelly. Hope you’re well these days, its been a while for sure! If you find anything new or different shoot me a line too, I’m always on the hunt…

  2. Bailey

    Have you ever listened to The Deadly Snakes? Couple of the same guys pre-Quest For Fire. Some solid Candain Indie rock.

    • Sure have! Loved I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore but they kinda lost me with Ode To Joy. Just turned on Spotify though, and it turns out they have an album released this year? Did you know this? Sounds pretty good so far, not sure if all the members are the same or what…

      • Sorry Bailey, I lied. for some reason Spotify has their first album listed under 2012. i was thinking it sounded pretty raw…

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