New Album: Bison B.C.-Lovelessness

I miss Vancouver. More specifically, I miss East Vancouver. I miss having all my friends within walking/skating distance and I miss liking my neighbors. I miss cheap sushi and I miss Budgies Burritos. I miss the skateparks in every neighborhood and I miss trying to skate to them after drinking three jugs of strawberry ginger Mojitos. I have a friend who will disagree with that last statement. I miss The Commodore, I miss The Biltmore and I miss The Cobalt. I also miss Bison B.C..

My first and most memorable experience with Bison was a show at the aforementioned Cobalt. Openers Mongoose, Grass City and China Creeps did their jobs admirably, but I cannot believe there was a band in the world that could have prepared me for the onslaught about be unleashed. A crushing surge carried me to the front, sandwiching me between the barely knee-high stage and throes of East van piles trying to insert themselves into my most prime of vantage points. Not even headbanging my own eye into the beer bottle I was securing on the bands stage would deter me. This was some serious shit and I was not going anywhere, thank you very much. It was hands down the best “local band” show I have ever been to, in any city. Period.

Fast forward a few years, a few shows and a couple of albums later to Lovelessness. They have a new drummer in Matt Wood, a new producer in Sanford Parker and by all accounts it seems to be a quality working mix. The tempo changes Bison can employ into one song is unrivaled right now in heavy music, bringing the slow build of hair covering your face doom into fist in the air thrash, forcing the listener to acknowledge the sounds and respond accordingly. They seem to have  found the right balance of bringing the ferocity of their live shows into the studio without compromising any loss of  studio quality sound, making this what I would declare as their most accessible album put to wax yet. Now bring on the beer bottles.

I still miss Vancouver though.


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One thought on “New Album: Bison B.C.-Lovelessness

  1. eet fuk

    You ok? Nope.
    I miss it too.
    The mighty Bison remain mighty.

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